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My Biafran Story .org website is a collection of eye witness accounts of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war.

Music in a time of war - 1

Music in a time of war - 1

“I remember an incident that happened at Akabo when the Nigerian soldiers were trapped in Owerri town. The brigade was very close to where we were performing and the soldiers were dancing and some of them were saying, “This war wey we dey fight so, abi make we come die when our ogas dey drink tea for house?”  After a performance, they’ll say, “Last night, that band good o!” Sometimes they even exchanged beer and cigarettes. But when there was a fight, they will fight to finish, because in the army they say the last order must be obeyed. These are the untold stories – the friendships within the war. This was the outlook in Biafra and it was very lively. It boosted the morale of the Biafran soldiers…” – Chyke Maduforo.

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