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My Biafran Story .org website is a collection of eye witness accounts of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war.

My Father’s Fence – by Cheta Nwanze

My Father’s Fence – by Cheta Nwanze

*My Father’s Fence was published in Medium on December 24, 2016.*

“…the soldiers began firing. Many of those trying to flee were cut down as they fled. The rest of us fell to the ground in utter hopelessness. I lost count of time. The soldiers turned their guns on those of us lying on the ground and the staccato bursts of bullets continued into the late evening. To this day, I live with the smell of the blood of my brethren that died that day, with the cries of those of them who had lost hope and stood up and begged the soldiers to end it all. Maybe they were the ones who saved the lives of those of us who survived the slaughter, because as they begged to be killed and the soldiers obliged them they disrupted the flow of the massacre as the killers now concentrated on them.”

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