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My Biafran Story .org website is a collection of eye witness accounts of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war.

Love in a time of war.

“I was already working at Aba General Hospital by the time the war started. They used to bring wounded soldiers, both dead and alive. One faithful day, the Nigeria soldiers threw a bomb at Eke Oha market. That day, I saw something! Many people were buried alive. When the Napalm bomb meets somebody, the person will burn and shrink. The whole body of the person will be like a goat that was burnt inside fire. The leg, the hand, all the body parts will gum together. One of my friends, also a nurse, she identified her sister among the corpses with the cutex on her toe nails. Everybody was stitching. Blood everywhere… They [corpses] were heaped like you are heaping fire wood…It was a horrible experience…That day, the thing was terrible.” – Georgina Nwangwu.

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Care Giver and Surrogate Mother.

Care Giver and Surrogate Mother.

*Nneka talks about her mother, late Mrs. Esther Chizube Mgbojikwe, who died in April, 2016.*

“My mum said many of the children in the refugee camps were separated from their families so other families were encouraged to take them in. She said the exercise was documented properly so it would be easy to find their parents eventually. My mum took one of the children. Her name was Angelina and she must have been about ten or eleven years at the time. She told my mum that she was running from the scene of a bombing when she saw people climbing into trucks. She joined them and that is how she ended up in Orlu with other refugees. She lived with us for about fifteen years and became like a big sister to me. I cannot think of my childhood without Angelina.” – Nneka Chris-Asoluka.

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